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Livestream - Quarterly Q&A with Webflow's CEO, Vlad Magdalin

2021 has been a ride :roller_coaster:

On Dec 15th, we’re hosting the last community livestream and Q&A of the year with Webflow’s CEO, Vlad Magdalin.

If you have any burning questions for Vlad, reply to this post and it may be answered live :sparkles:


Hey! Thank you for a fantastic no-code-conf, very exiting news! :smiley:
Any thoughts on implementing WebP in webflow?


First and foremost, just a big THANK YOU FOR INVENTING WEBFLOW! :blush:

Here are my 2 main questions & concerns on Webflow.

Is there an update or can we expect one soon on:

  1. Webflow users from Europe & how to handle GDPR

  2. Any updates or plans on adding/implementing a multilingual option to Webflow?


For the past year or so, Webflow’s focus has been on large features like Logic, Enterprise, Memberships, etc., which is great because those are game-changing improvements to the platform. So, bravo and thank you!

However, there are still many quality-of-life improvements that can help increase no-code capabilities. Things like more HTML elements and CMS support for elements like sliders and tabs would reduce the need for integrations.

Is there a plan for implementing more frequent updates for smaller features like these?



Will you be adding custom url structure ever? Does this affect SEO in your opinion? :grinning:

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Great that you guys are still doing a quarterly Q&A at the end of the year. Thank you!

  1. By far the most important question(s) for me and your EU customers:
    In the meantime, are there any concrete solutions you guys are developing to increase legal certainty against the GDPR? We all don’t want to sit there sooner or later and all of a sudden using tools that process data outside the EU is illegal.
    In another Quarterly Q&A, you shared that you are creating a dedicated GDPR/CCPA portal and plan to launch it later this year - when can we expect it?

  2. Are there any concrete plans to implement the custom breakpoints as the community would like to see them? The current solution of optional predefined breakpoints that can be added (but not deleted natively afterwards) is a step in the right direction, but since the launch of this feature it is not really what we imagine custom breakpoints to be.

  3. How about plans to extend the IX2 capabilities to manipulate borders (radius, thickness etc.), display visual markers to debug and optimize interaction (like GSAP ScrollTrigger), box shadow and all related parameters and so on. Controlling IDs instead of being limited to classes would also really be a must have feature in IX2.

  4. Do you plan to add a new element for inline SVGs so we don’t always have to add them via an HTML embed?

  5. How about an upgrade to ReCaptcha V3? Google is already saying goodbye to reCaptcha V2.

  6. How about some Quality of Live improvements like:

  • Color setting “currentColor” and “inherit” instead of just HEX.
  • Modern Video & Image Formats (as the previous speaker said).
  • Adding Custom Attributes WITHOUT having to specify value
  • Splitting webflow.js file to reduce loading time of JavaScript not needed
  • Nested Styles outside of Rich Text Blocks (I mean, the feature is basically already there and would only need to be enabled on the entire DOM, as I understand it)
  • Create level 2+ subfolders with CMS Pages (e.g. “blog/blog-post/{CMS-PAGE]” instead of being limited to “blog-post/{CMS-PAGE]” only)
  • Expand media/asset capabilities to upload file formats that are not currently “allowed” (such as .ZIP files and many, many more)
  • Editor extension to allow content editors to upload website assets and access them when editing, e.g. to add PDFs to a link.
  • ID styling instead of just classes
  • Shrinking & enlarging the webflow canvas vertically to be able to design for actual smartphone screen height.

That’s it for now from me. I would be very happy to get some questions answered and wish everyone a result happy 4th Q&A 2021!

Best regards from Potsdam, Germany


Thank you everyone for submitting questions. I’m adding them to our list of potential questions for Vlad to answer. Keep them coming!

On top of above great questions, I’ve got a few extra ones:

Any chances these product development will happen and if yes, when ?

  • Native real time sorting/filtering
  • Native CMS slider
  • CMS search engine (limit search to specific Collections)
  • Support for new image standards (JPEG2000, WEBP, etc.)
  • Customer accounts for ecommerce
  • More payment service providers for ecommerce (Mollie, …)

What other ecommerce improvements can we expect for 2022 ?

Will we have an ETA on the release of Logic ?


Howdy Webflow team! :webflow_heart:

Long time user and huge advocate of the platform—just wanted to say that I’m super excited after hearing the awesome announcements at this years NCC! Memberships & Logic will make it so much easier to get more of my clients on the platform.

There’s already been a ton of great questions posted from other users (some of which were on my list) but I’m also curious about your plans for upgrading the experience for transferring projects and managing projects within other user’s accounts. I’d love for all of my clients to utilize Client Billing, however most of them prefer to retain control over the project within their own account. The current solutions involve either removing hosting to transfer the live project, transferring a copy of the project (which needs Customer Support involvement to move hosting without downtime), or the client sharing their account credentials—all of which are less than ideal.

  • Is there any plans to streamline transferring projects between accounts?
    • This could be something like a “temporary transfer” or “development transfer”—where client hosting is retained while updates are made in a separate account.
  • If not, are there plans to allow Designer permissions for collaborators within an account?
    • Most clients can handle Editor updates internally so it’s more common that I need to make changes within the Designer. Team plans are currently the only option however the pricing makes it more geared towards agencies.

Thanks again for all the great work you folks are doing and looking forward to hearing more about what’s in store for Webflow in 2022 :tada:

Thanks to all who have submitted questions. We are closing down accepting any more questions at this time. See you all on stream day. :wave:

+1 on webp here - seems like this image format isn’t going anywhere

The community livestream and Q&A planned for today with Vlad is canceled as he’s feeling under the weather.

We apologize for the last-minute change. We’ll be rescheduling the stream to sometime in January!

Thank you for understanding :blue_heart:

I missed this and it’s been removed from YouTube. Is there a link where I could find it?

@Chuck_Braman , since it never happened there was nothing to record. See previous message.

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@webdev I guess I missed that too! Thanks!

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