Adding underlines to non-link text within rich text blocks via CMS content editor

This might be a really stupid question and I’m just missing something really obvious, but I can’t for the life of me find how I can style rich text content to have an underline (for editorial purposes) through the styling options given in the CMS editor (or main post creation form).

I found this Webflow own reference page ( that says “Rich text also allows CMS Editors to add further text formatting such as bold, italics and underline” but when I am using the editor myself I only get bold, italic and heading type options. Just a normal underline seems to be missing…

Given how with dynamic content I can’t apply bespoke styles in the editor view, I have to use those available so any help / info greatly appreciated.


I am not including a public share link as it seemed a little pointless.


You can’t add underlines as styles in a RT elements.

The reasons are probably because it’s not recommended to use underlines in modern typography in general and that on the web underlines really represent links. So you’re left with bold and italics.

If you’re never using italics, or quotes, there’s maybe a custom code way to use their style to underline instead, but that’s pretty much what you’re left with—and that would maybe represent a minor accessibility issue.

Thanks for your reply. That’s fine if they’re not available, just the help page suggested otherwise so I spent a while trying to work out why I couldn’t find the option. Maybe that part of the page could be amended to remove the suggestion.

Well… you can make it a link but lead to nothing…
It will be underlined but not linked to anything :stuck_out_tongue:

But like Vicent said, underlining is now synonym of links, drawing attention from the user to click on it :slight_smile: