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Webflow - Weglot images translations in blog not working because of "lazy loading"?

Hey, i’m trying to translate my media in weglot and they’re saying it’s not working because certain images are “lazy loading” and the images are generated from srcset instead of src.

How can i change that for the blog only?

Here is their email:
seems that Weglot isn’t able to detect this image due to the lazyloading system.
Weglot is able to detect an image URL when it’s displayed thanks to an src data attribute.

However, as you can notice attached, the image is generated with a srcset data attribute.
So, several image URLs are related to the image which has to be displayed.

Disabling the lazyloading system on this image and make the image URL generated with an src data attribute should allow Weglot to detect the image."

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