Webflow + Woocommerce

Hi guys,

I’ve made my website with webflow and I’ve converted my website to Wordpress with Udesly.
I want to use Woocommerce to creat and manage my shop.
Can someone tell how to do that? I will use the full functionality of woo commerce to add products and descriptions etc for my shop.
Already thanks!

Hey there Demian. Welcome to the Webflow community.

Unfortunately, at this time, WordPress and Webflow are fairly incompatible platforms. Udesly is a great tool for pulling your Webflow designs into WordPress as a theme, but there are some specific parameters to follow along with some restrictions on what you can do.

That being said, once you have your site in WordPress, you would just install the Woocommerce plugin(s) that you want to use, and then control/manage them from the WordPress Admin panel.

The problem here comes with maintenance and design updates, as I am not sure about the process of updating the theme, designing the WooCommerce elements without using custom code, etc.

Not sure that helps, but maybe it gives you a bit of guidance. Let me know if you need me to be more specific about any part of that.

Hey Raymmar,

Thanks for your answer! The problem is that when I use the udesly adapter to make my webflow website an wordpress theme that I can’t use wordpress plugin’s. It doesn’t work! Maybe I need another product from udesly?
I think the only way is to make my shop in webflow with attributes and hopefully I can manage my shop with woocommerce!

I think plugins should work with udesly. After all Woocommerce is a plugin itself. Have you reached out to Udesly?

Best HammerOZ,

Yes I’ve thank you! With the Udesly adapter 2.0 and the right attributes it will be work with Woocommerce. Now I’m be able to work with Woocommerce in Wordpress


Hi Demian,

I’m in the same position, but have found no avail in creating a separate woocommerce page.
How did you resolve getting a separate page for your products/services?
feel free to email me at: colinraybrian(at sign)gmail,com


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Really hoping someone develops some videos around this specific topic… Biggest gap Ive found within this stack is this topic.

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Any key resources you found on this you can share?.. I really want to leverage 100% visual design through Webflow… while being able to manage everything you’d expect in a small catalog B2B store (restricted areas, controls around product/customers, pricing, discounts, lead times… various plugins like these… https://barn2.co.uk & https://woocommerce-b2b.com but all aesthetics via Webflow


WooCommerce is really amazing. I use a B2B eCommerce For Woocommerce Plugin on my WordPress Website and it

  1. Delivers a Seamless, Self-Service Buying Experience.
  2. Powerful Quotation Functionality.
  3. Customer-Level Pricing Structures.
  4. Sign-up Form for Wholesale Buyers.
  5. Gate Pricing for Non-Logged-In Audience.
  6. Custom Payment Methods For Individual Customers.
  7. Powerful Features to Solve B2B Challenges.

A single WooCommerce Plugin is covering so many features.
I would say WooCommerce is one of the best invention/integration in WordPress.

I am getting an error while configuring WooCommerce, is the new version of WooCommerce working fine and compatible with WebFlow? or should I move back to the older version. The hosting provider I am using for my WooCommerce is Cloudways WooCommerce Hosting
I asked their support, they said that I should contact with WebFlow community first.

Here’s a link I found that is useful😊

Hey guys,

thanks for the earlier post on this topic! I don’t know if this is the right topic for my question.

So here we go:

I just have a client which has his current page build and licenced on wordpress. → so no problem i just can integrate the new webflow page with api to his wordpress. He has a woocommerce product database with around 800 products (already online on his current page) for the start they want to hold on to that. So here my question: Can I integrate the “old” shoppage within my api integration with webflow? Even with the old design?

I hope the question is clear, thanks in advance guys.