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Webflow v SquareSpace in terms of CMS

I’m comparing Webflow and SquareSpace for a client project. I want to provide the client with the ability to manage their content, a CMS, without giving them them the ability to change the visual layout / design (because they will mess it up and break the site). From what I can tell SquareSpace is a CMS and website builder – and so once I handover the site to the client they will have full control over the styles / layout etc? Surely that is nuts? Clients are bound to mess around with the design (which begs the question why employ a designer in the first place) and mess it up?

I get the impression that Webflow can act more like a traditional CMS (I’m thinking Perch, Surreal, Craft etc)? The client can use the Editor to change content or the CMS to add content – without the risk of them breaking the site?

I presume in Webflow a client can add pages, based on a template, without using the CMS collections? For example, can I client add say a ‘our history’ page, based on a template I’ve created?