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Webflow UPLOAD BUTTON question

Hi everyone,

I have recently purchased the upload button in webflow and I can’t seem to make it work like I want to. I don’t use domains directly on webflow, I export them to my server. I would like when the form is submitted to send an email with all the form answers + the file uploaded. It works good on the, but when I export it, it just doesn’t work.

Is there a way to make all the document uploaded + form answers to be sent by email to my client?
Or is the best solution to move my domain to be hosted with webflow ?
Can I change the path of where the documents are uploaded to my Google Drive?

Thanks for the help


The site needs to be hosted on Webflow for this.

Try search this forum for forms and exported sites there are few discussions on this topic. If you don’t find your answer I’ll be happy to try and help you further.

Here’s another university article about forms and export