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I built my site on a 15-day trial, and am now exporting to host on my own domain. What do I do with the forms that I built?

Hi there,

Like the title said, a friend recommended that I try out webflow, and it has been a big help, but with my trial running out, I am now exporting the code onto my own domain.

What do I need to do to ensure that the forms still work on my own domain?

Thank you in advanced.

Hi, here is some instruction on what to do with exported forms, there are two cases, one case where you export forms for use on another server, but you still keep your webflow site active to take form submissions. The second case is where you will connect forms to an external form processor, and that is what you want to look at.

In the end, once you export, and you do not have a paid account with Webflow, you have to host things yourself, and also process forms yourself.


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Hi there cyberdave. I apologize as I am a bit unclear on that tutorial.
Would you be able to simplify that for me a little bit?

I have my own domain and hosting via dreamhost, so I’d like to host all of the form stuff on there.

I should mention that I am not an expert, so my apologies again.

ok Scott, so I will try to make some specific instruction for you. Will you still need to save data from form submissions in Webflow? If so, you will still need an active, published account and form submission limits will still count, even if you host your html code on your own server.

Hey CyberDave, and thanks for getting back to me once again. Really appreciate the quick responses.

No, I will no longer need to save form submissions in Webflow. I would prefer if when the user clicks “Submit” on the form, it goes straight to my e-mail address.

ok, I can give you instructions how to export your form, but if you are going to process those mails yourself, you have to create your own mail handler and javascript field validation for your form yourself. Just to let you know, forms exported from Webflow, work the same as any other html form, so you will just need to set your own Action property and Method for your form, and the action property should point to the url of your server that will handle the form submit request.

Thanks for the response Dave.

Any instruction you can send my way would be greatly appreciated. A lot of the stuff you explained above is foreign to me (Action property, method, mail handler, javascript field validation), but with proper instruction, am sure I can make it work.

Once again, thanks for your help with this, I really appreciate it.