Webflow to Aweber - Anyone had success?

Hi all,

I’m just checking if anyone has been successful in integrating Webflow with Aweber to get subscribers etc to an email list.

The two options I’ve been told of so far are:

  1. Option 1: Create your form directly in Aweber (instead of Webflow) and place that form in Webflow

  2. Option 2: Use Zapier for the connection between the two

Both the above might not be ideal for me as option one means I don’t have as much control over the look and feel of the form as I do in Webflow, and option 2 at the moment, I’m struggling to get to work (if it worked it might be okay).

I’m also currently looking at a Webflow video on how to use API’s to connect to webflow (Connect Webflow to Airtable, Mailchimp, and Slack with Webflow Logic — Workflow series - YouTube) and wondering if I should consider trying to take Zapier out of the equation and connect directly with Aweber (if even possible).

Any input would be gratefully received.