SSL certificate & SSL hosting

Hey fellow webflowers,

Do any of you have any recommendations on a SSL certificate that works with Webflow and will give good SEO juice?

Also, I would need some guidedance on how to install it with my webflow account.

Thanks all.


Webflow SSL is in beta, and will launch on Dec 19.

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Yes. SSL will give you some lift/advantage in the SERPs. However, in the new year (2017) Google Chrome require it for some sites and will pitch a warning that your site is unsafe if SSL isn’t installed and running properly. At this time, this warning can still be bypassed by the site visitor/user and I’m guessing that will be the case then too. This requirement may cancel out the some of the benefit of SSL to SEO due to it being semi-mandatory for Chrome browser users.


here is more info:

hope this helps :slight_smile:


It’s not possible to install your own certificate on Webflow hosting, as we manage all the server infrastructure for you. If you need to use your own cert for whatever reason you will have to export your site and host it on your own.

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Being able to pay for an SSL option with Webflow is fine by me.
As mentioned above, I think all fellow Webflow’ers need this to happen sooner than later as we will be punished.

This would also give webflow an extra source of income.

Thanks for the heads up and a great product.

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I believe from 19th December SSL support will be included in all hosting packages for free.

Hey PixelGeek,

If we fortunate enough to have the SSL certificate activated by Dec. 19 then I will wait until you are out of beta.
But thanks for the heads up anyways.


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