Web design.build suggestions

Hi All,

I’ve been using Webflow for a while. Great tool.

I am looking for some suggestions on how to implement a lookup function of sorts. My client wants to have an entry box where they can search for a location around the UK - e.g. Leicester and be presented with stockists of their product in or near to that location.

Is that possible with Webflow?


Where does the inventory data come from?


Nothing has been designed or built yet, so where would it be best to have addresses? I’ll probably get it as a raw list in excel. I was thinking to use Webflow CMS so the client could add and update stockists as they grow, but I’m not a coding expert so don’t know how to reference the stockist addresses against a post code entered in the web site front end (near stockist to postcode location).

Can you help??!

Look at this topic for some insight.

Great thanks I’ll take a look!

@mubin I use storepoint for all my clients - would do exactly what you’re looking for: https://storepoint.co/blog/store-locator-for-webflow/

Oh perfect, dude!!! Thanks Holly :smile: