Webflow + Snipcart Integration Help

I am about to start development on my first Snipcart integrated site via Webflow (first time using Snipcart at all). I already know I’m going to have some questions regarding the switching out of information based on product options chosen via a dropdown. For example, they want the image and subtitle to change based on specific product variables. Just would like to go ahead and find someone to work with on an hourly basis when I run into issues I can’t figure out on my own. Please contact me at jen@arrive.design. Thanks!!

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Hi @outerwhitespace.
Not trying to hijack this thread, but if Snipcart ends up not working out, please don’t hesitate to message me. We’ve already helped dozens of Webflow users integrate Foxy into their Webflow website…no external developer needed. This includes product variants as well.


Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately I already sold the client on Snipcart but will look into foxy next time for sure.

Hi @outerwhitespace
No worries at all. We’re here if you need anything.



I’ve never done this before but I’ve been thinking about implementing it.

I would say use Webflow’s CMS function to help you. Think of the Shopify integration for Dynamic Embed.

Dropdown might be the hard part, unless you do a custom dropdown (instead of the menu).
So you use a div block that on click shows the other options and when the option is clicked.
Now that you’d have the “dropdown” created, you want to have a div that shows your current CMS item, but hides the other pictured elements. So if you have 3 product variants in the CMS put each as a different element. Now in your custom dropdown when customer clicks dropdown #1, it shows product image #1 and hides the other.

^ Hope that’s a clear explanation

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Very interesting, @mikhailarden. Sounds like that’s perfect for swapping the images, but I’m still fuzzy on how that would also send the correct selection to snipcart. Likely just need to dig in some more since I’m only just starting development.

@outerwhitespace, try to have multiple buttons for each variant.
So if you have an average of 3 variants per product, in your CMS have 3 link items/dynamic embed items that would directly relate to the dropdown variant. So when you click variant #1, button #1 appears, and when you click variant #2, button 1 disappears and button #2 appears.

I know it’s convoluted but once you setup the CMS and understand where everything goes then you are all set to just mass import into the CMS using Zapier + Google Sheets.

Optionally you can also opt for each variant being under a custom tab menu.

If you need help feel free to send me a message or shoot me an email at mikhail@studioarden.com.

@mikhailarden You are the coolest. Swapping out different tabs via the dropdown might be the best route. I’m developing the rest of the site first before the commerce piece, but when I dive in I might just take you up on your offer to contact ya. Thank you so much for helping out!!

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No problem! Glad to help :slight_smile:

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H/T to @mikhailarden for the tips & help here! Beat us to the punch (like the guys from Foxy hehe).

@outerwhitespace, would love to get some feedback regarding your experience with both Snipcart+Webflow. If you’re interested, drop me a mail at francois@snipcart.com. We’ve been meaning to craft a case study with Webflow users for a while, so who knows. And of course, our devs are available if you need any more help -> geeks@snipcart.com (or better yet, that fancy Intercom widget in your dashboard).

Cheers folks!

Never heard from any freelancers who might be interested in paid help. I’m getting down to the wire and starting to get nervous I bit off more than I can chew for the client’s demanding timeline.

Hey @outerwhitespace.
Foxy can handle the scenario you described in your original post. In fact, we’ll help you get setup. No freelancers needed. Feel free to message me here in the forums or email hello@foxy.io


Hello Jen,

We are interested in helping you get this up and going for your client A.S.A.P…

I have 17 years website development experience and about 3.5 years experience with Webflow and am a Webflow “Guru” :~)

I truly appreciate this but sold the client on Snipcart and was told they will not switch.

No worries at all. :slight_smile:


Meant to respond before. I’m happy to help with any feedback. I think the site will be pretty freakin’ snazzy if I ever figure out how to make it all work, lol. Will be a high fashion jewelry line that gives partial profits to a good cause and they will be doing a big PR push once launched. Anyway, if I forget to provide feedback after wrapping up feel free to bug me :slight_smile: I’ve got about a week left.

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Cool beans! I’m setting a reminder to bug you in two weeks. :slight_smile:

@outerwhitespace here’s me bugging you about that site progress! :smile:

lol Hi! Yes I’m still happy to help. Client decided to add a few extra features (to my dismay) so it’s going to be a few more days of me rushing to wrap up. Bug me again in one week? lol sorry!

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Launching on Friday btw. If she adds any more features I’m running away.