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Drop-Shipping With Webflow &

What is the best way to set-up a drop shipping website through + Webflow
or another platform + Webflow. Will I need to utilize the CMS API?

I have a client who currently uses Shopify + Oberlo (shopify app which connects to aliexpress) + Aliexpress
It’s so simple, but if I integrate this with Webflow it’s time consuming to add each product by copy and pasting widget code.

I want to set-up the same type of thing except with or another platform since Shopify won’t allow me to automatically add products to a collection in my Webflow site.

Can anyone give me some advice for this?

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Just responded to your private message. We don’t have a direct integration with Aliexpress but it may be possible via OrderDesk: I would reach out to them since sometimes not all of their integrations may be listed if they’re new.

The other option is having one built out via our webhooks/api. The reality is that any integration is possible. It’s just a matter of getting data in the format required by the third-party service.

Hope this helps some. Let us know if you need anything.


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@foxy Thanks Josh! I Pm’d you, really appreciate the help. My concern is that if I go the to route and integrate with a Drop Shipping Fulfillment service, I assume I’ll still have to search for products manually on the marketplace of my choice (AliCart) and add the products through the Webflow CMS manually, which for this site would be too time consuming (100-150 products, changing in and out all the time). Or I’d have to figure out another solution that allows me to search marketplace product, and seamlessly be able to bring a Product directly into a Google spreadsheet.

For now I’ve figured out a solution that I think should work pretty well for dropshipping. I’ll report back, after I’m done launching. :slight_smile:

The Problem:

Essentially I am using the Oberlo App with Shopify to make it simple to add drop shippable products to the site, and also Oberlo handles fulfillment. Now that these products were added to shopify and ready to market, there was one main issue I ran into… the Shopify Theme Framework isn’t exactly efficient or fast to work with unless you enjoy hand coding themes, and if you go about integrating the Shopify Embed/Buy Button & Cart into Webflow the process for updating a product is too time consuming. If you want to use one of the very underwhelming Shopify theme’s from the marketplace they will run you anywhere from $140+…

The solution I plan on integrating:

Using Zapier link Shopify Into Google Spread Sheets and Create a New Row for Every New Product Added.

Add a Zap from this Google Spread Sheet to Webflow, adding a Live CMS Item. Then Map the Spreadsheet Row data to each field you’ve created inside your “Products” Collection.

The Result:

Everytime I find a product on a marketplace I’d like to sell and click “Add to my site” through the Oberlo app, it automatically adds product info into Shopify and sends that info through Google Sheets to Webflow. This allows me to have the flexibility of Webflow’s designer and a powerful automated product listing & dropshipping set-up.

Note: You could also sync other aspects of the site such as Shopify collections, tags, categories, etc with a Webflow Collection using this method. This would mean every time you update a product category via Shopify it’ll also add that data to a Webflow Collection of your choice (In This Case, Categories).

I hope this info helps anyone interested in building a dropshipping site within Webflow!


Hey @Scott_Van_Zandt.
Looks like you have a solution worked out. Fwiw since products reside with Webflow, it just comes down to populating your Webflow CMS Collections. Zapier, Airtable, Apifier, and others can help with this. After that, tie in Foxy as normal. Let us know if you need anything.


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That makes sense! I’ll look into AirTable + Foxy! I’d always much rather use Foxy vs Shopify. Thank you :blush:

No problem at all. Let us know if we can assist with anything. Have a great weekend Scott!


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Hey Scott,

thank you for this. I really am struggling with the same question. Could you please share your site in preview mode for us to look at it? Would love to know how you did it in Deatil. I am new to this and also just started out with zapier.
Thank you anyways. I just want to migrate to shopify because I öive Webflow.


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