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Webflow Slider widget, responsive?

Hello Again, I´m building this site and it has the webflow widget slider, but looking at it in mobile its not responsive, any tips to make it responsive?

Thank you all

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Had a look seems to be rendering correctly for me? What the problem you are seeing? Nice design by the way :wink:

I think you are referring to

  • the Slides not collapsing within the Slider
    ---- when a breakpoint is reached.

See Video:

You need to size your slides for each break point.

For example - at full size… your current slider has 3 images… each image would be size 33.33%.

When you hit a smaller break - you can change this to be 2 images side by side. Each image would be 50%.

At the smart phone break point… you can display 1 image… sized at 100%.

There is tutorial that shows you how to do fix this.

Go here:

  • Scroll down the page (there is no direct link)
  • Select the “Multi-Column Slider” tutorial.
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Thanks @Revolution problem solved!!! great!

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