I can’t seem to be able to get my slider on my home page to be responsive. any advice?

Thank You

You’ve set the images as background of the slides, set to cover. So the rule is that they’ll cover all the screen whatever it takes. So if you change the breakpoint, the image doesn’t shrink because it still has to take up all the height anyway.

There’s no bug, it’s set like this. You slider is responsive, you’re getting confused by the backgrounds of the slides I guess.

So I removed the pictures from the backgrounds and added an image and while on the designer it looks ok when I publish it or press the eye on the left hand corner it becomes huge on the screen. I have four slides and it does it to all of them. Any advice on that would be life saving. I went to all the tutorials and other topics on the forum but I couldn’t figure it out. Also can you please take a look at the about page on the portrait phone at the end I can’t see the slider and the footer, maybe you have any tips on that. Thank you.

public link

this is the correct public link!!!

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