Slider Issue right part of section

Hello. I am trying to create a slider which is going to be located in the right part of my section and on the right to have some text and subtext. I went through all the tutorials but I can’t seem to get the slider to be responsive. Any idea what I might be doing wrong. Or any suggestion on steps how I should do it from the start because I have changed many settings???

Thank you!!!

If you use a row widget, you can put the slider in one column and your texts in another.

See here : Google Chrome – Tapes

You’ll get that:

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That is what I wanted it to look like. Thank you very much!!!

I tried it, and I am still doing something wrong would it easy for you if you send me the link so I could see all settings you used???


Click on the green button on the header for the public project. The page is the last one.

I’m guessing that you didn’t find how to set the responsive strategy for the ROW Widget, you have to decide how columns behave for each device (normal or one on top of the other). Looke here: This is the link. I have put sample pics but I still can’t make it responsive.