Webflow slider bug? Can't see second Slider

Hi Guys,

I’m just in the process of switching to Webflow from Adobe Muse and I have to say that I see the potential even though it’s a big learning curve.

I’m having an issue with the slider. I can’t seem to see the content in the second slider even though I set a background image for the second slider. This also applies to the third slider, etc. Please help.

However, as you can see, the first slider displays perfectly. Is this a Webflow bug?

Here is the link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/susanmurray?preview=75e1ed6b024e49a307faa5a9cb64f46b

Here is the adobe muse version: http://susanmurray.businesscatalyst.com/

Thanks in advance

For some reason slider don’t want to play nice with flexbox. If you set your slides to something other than that it will work.

Hi @dram thank you for the advice. I took out the flexbox display on the section and I took out the first slide with flex box. It my second slide still doesn’t show. Do I need to rebuild the slider to make it work?

Let me know.


@dram okay I got it. Thank you so much!!

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You are welcome. Happy designing! :smiley:

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Hi Dram,
I’m having a similar issue as Alex, not being able to populate more than one slide with a background image. I’ve been trying all day doing different steps, and there appears to be some sort of bug. I read what you directed Alex to do clearing out any Flex function, but it still doesn’t work.

I’ve tried dragging out a container first, then the slider. I’ve tried dragging out a section first, and the the slider, but when I try to add a background image nothing shows up in any other slide, only the first image for slide 1. Is there any other fix? Thanks!


I had to rebuild the whole slider without using flex. Try that and let me know :slight_smile: Make sure not to use flex for the section, the container and anything inside the slider.

All the best!!

Thanks Alex. I deleted everything and started from scratch, spent hours trying every way imaginable, and still it doesn’t work. I also tried setting up a tabbed panel adding an image to one of the tab content area with some text, and that doesn’t work either. This platform seems very limiting. I may just stick with Muse until Adobe releases a new product. Have wasted so much time already on this one.


No worries. I’m still designing in Muse for some of my clients, I’m just slowly transitioning to Webflow. The thing is that Adobe is not focusing on the website design direction, they are focused on Adobe Marketing Cloud in which they sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars to corporations. So don’t depend on them…

There are other website building platforms out there so check them out. In terms of being limiting, webflow is probably a lot more comprehensive than Muse. The blog is self contained, clients can edit + create new pages themselves, and they have complext interactive animation beyond what Muse can currently do.

It is also based on HTML structures and can be exported in clean code. I see this as a stepping stone to learning how to code as well.

If you want to give it another chance you can follow the below steps:

  • create the slider
  • Add all the blank slides you require
  • Add a background image to each slide
  • As you so each step, make sure your slides don’t disappear
  • then add in the content and formate the content for each slide

As you so each step, make sure your slides don’t disappear. If you do something and the second slide disappears for example, undo it right away and find another way of doing it.

Also, can you post the “Share link” here so we can take a quick look at what you are trying to create?

All the best :slight_smile:

Hey Guys,

I briefly scanned this thread. I was able to get flex working inside of a slider and I was running into the gray background image issue as well. I needed to center an image on top of the background image responsively so that I could animate it with a mouse but keep it in the center of my slide.

What I discovered is you need a div/wrapper with 100% on the width and height inside of each slide that has the Flexbox settings on it. I was then able to have multiple items with flexbox on them across all the slides and not lost my BG images.

This was created for a client and you can see the slider in question at https://amitpateldesigns.com (it’s the top slider). I did create this as a separate site and then copied and pasted it into my main site.

Here it is: https://webflow.com/website/flex-slides

Awesome! I will try that next time when I get into that problem :slight_smile:

Thank you for the tip!

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Of course! On the actual client site I added a link block to the slide as well to make it fully clickable :slight_smile:


Yes I saw that. Amazing site BTW !!

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