Honest opinion - How easy to integrate Webflow + Shopify

Hi all. I am new here and new to Webflow. I have a project to create an e-commerce store for our brewery business and, while I like the functionality of Shopify, I don’t want a ‘template’ type store and don’t have the coding skills (I’m an ‘old school’ graphic designer) to achieve what I want on that platform - hence I find myself here! So far I love the Webflow experience and have made a start on the design. However, my boss would prefer the Shopify CMS and I would prefer the Webflow for design; so, my question is: How easy is it, in practice, to design in Webflow and convert to Shopify for someone with no real coding experience? What is the best solution?

Extremely easy with Udesly’s Webflow>Shopify converter!

Hey, thanks for your reply. Care to elaborate? ie. ‘click of a button’ easy or …? Any ‘buggy’ things to look out for? How smoothly do they work once set up?

If you go to their website you can see they’ve released tutorial videos that seem pretty straightforward. I believe you just design the site, implement their attribute tags, then export the code from Webflow and upload to their servers. It converts and then you download the Shopify version of your theme.

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