Webflow + Shopify eCommerce website

Hey everybody!

I just finished building the entire front-end of my eCommerce website that is built in Webflow, and the ”eComm back-end” on Shopify.

I want to check if there is someone who already did this, having the design in Webflow and the checkout in Shopify and how is it going?

My marketing manager is a bit afraid that it won’t work because of 2 different platforms.
He is kinda afraid that the retargeting, tags, Google Ads and so wont trigger the same as it was doing it in WordPress with WooCommerce.

The problem is that I have to use this duo-platform because we are selling digital keys and Webflow doesnt have this option yet.

What would you guys recommend?
Stick with this “system” of Webflow+Shopify or try to get back to WP+WooComm and just redo the actual design there?

Thank you!


Hey @Licenso hope you were able to figure this out, I had a question regarding how you built the front end in Webflow and had the backend in shopify. How were you able to achieve this? Currently I have built out the front end of my site in Webflow and am trying to make it so that the backend will be shopify as I’ve been using shopify e-commerce for the past 5-6 years and a ton of my clients have specifically requested that they also want to explore this option. Thanks!