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Shopify Integration

Just finished writing and realized it’s going to be a long read. Hopefully, some of you stick around

Hi all!

New to the forum, did a bit of lurking before signing up. A little bit of background about me and my situation:
-I’m new to website design, ecommerce, shipping, fulfillment, etc
-After weeks of learning how to use Webflow, I am finally working on the checkout process. I am currently subscribed to the Ecommerce site plan, offered free for three months. I have got it all set up now and can process payments. I have noticed what people are talking about regarding what Webflow’s ecommerce site plan lacks.
-I have looked into integrating Shopify’s Buy Button.

So during my search on how to integrate Shopify, I keep being referred to the Webflow University page explaining how to do it as well as the YouTube video workshop. I notice the video is back from 2016, and from the video, I assume the ecommerce site plans weren’t introduced yet. There is no date stamped on the Webflow university page. I have also looked into other options, such as Foxy and Udesly. I have a few questions and have tried browsing the forum before posting this, but again, I didn’t look into any posts older than 2018 as it may be irrelevant now. My questions are:

  1. Are the tutorials and videos still relevant and current about Shopify?
  2. Would I still need the Ecommerce plan in Webflow?
  3. Do I just sign up for Shopify Lite?
  4. With Udesy, it would be the opposite, correct? I sign up for Basic on Shopify and don’t need my ecommerce plan on Webflow, then just convert the Webflow site to work on Shopify. Then any changes, I’d need to do it on Webflow and convert it again in Udesy. The thing is, without any type of subscription in Webflow, we’re only allowed two pages. How would I go about doing so if I need to add any new pages like blog posts? It seems like too much of a hassle, especially since I’m already pretty set up in Webflow.
  5. Foxy, I see they are pretty active in forums, but a lot of their responses are generic, stating that they can help with what Op’s issue is, and Foxy has a solution for that. It doesn’t say how Foxy does so; it just seems like a bot replying to posts. I took a look at their site, and I didn’t get any more of a sense that it could answer my questions. Then their YouTube page is outdated. Their last video is from 3 years ago. Are they even still an option?

What I’m looking for is to be able to streamline the process from confirmation to fulfillment of a sale. At the moment, I’ve had to log in to my Canada Post account (I’m Canadian) and buy/create a shipping label from there, and they also don’t have an option to print a packing slip from Webflow (besides printing the order page itself).

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there.


Hey @Mercs :slight_smile:

Have you finally found a solution?
I have exactly the same concern.

Thank you for your reply !