Webflow serving up the 500 px width version of image in Desktop view

HI there,

I have this issue: My Webflow build is serving up the 500 px width version of an image in Desktop view.

I don’t get why.

I’m not allowed to share the site yet, so I’ve made some screendumps to show the issue.

Has anyone experienced this?

Webflow automatically creates image variants for large images. You can disable this from happening with Control + Shift + O and unchecking Responsive image when in the Settings tab > Image Settings section.

As Caitlin suggests you could disable responsive images.
You can also regenerate them with Ctrl+Shift+I if it’s miscalculated the size.

From the browser’s perspective, it’s trying to figure out which one to choose depending on how big it thinks the display size needs to be. Check the image and its containers, if that’s ambiguous, you can set 100% widths. If you have interactions running that image might be loading smaller and then expand…

If you can keep responsive images that’s ideal for your performance on mobiles but in some situations that advantage isn’t worth the selection challenges browsers face on dynamic sites.

I’ve decided to uncheck the responsive image setting, as you suggested. I didn’t know this was an option, so thanks for that :slight_smile:

I still don’t unstand why Webflow shows the downscaled version in desktop view though, but this solution will do for now.

I’ve checked my containers, and they’re all in 100% in a page-wrapper with a max-width of 1700 px., Also, I’ve tried regenerating the images but neither of these things solved the issue. Instead I’ve decided to disbale resposive image scaling for this image for now. Thanks a lot for the input though. I’ll definitely dive further into this later, when I’m wrapping up the project.