Blurry images in prototype

I have some full-browser-width images uploaded at 3120px wide. When I view the Webflow prototype on a large screen, the images get pixelated. I inspected the elements and realized that the images are being downsized to 2600px wide and about 1/10 of the file size.

Does anyone know why this is happening? I was thinking this maybe happens prior to setting up the site hosting, but I have not idea. Here is a link to one of the pages where this is occuring.

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Is this happening in the Webflow designer or the actual website?

Can you also please provide your browser and version?

As well as your operating system and version?


Without your public share link, we can’t dig in to see the exact configuration in the Webflow Designer, but it sounds like the image is being resized using Webflow’s responsive images. You can turn off responsive images on a per-image basis by selecting the image and using CMD+Shift+O. :sunglasses:

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Thanks all. McGuire, you were right. Once I dug into how Webflow handles responsive images, I realized I had to make the images 3200px in order to reach the next threshold in which Webflow displays images. Thanks for the insight.

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