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My images are destroyed resolution-wise. Why does this happen?

Hi there,

I’ve got this problem where my image is 2048x1191 px but for some reason on the website it appears to be compressed down to 800x454?

I have no idea why this happens - referenced pictures below for a better understanding. Thanks!

For the reference, this is the website’s page:


How can I disable responsive images?

You can disable this feature for a specific image by hitting CMD+SHIFT+O on Mac or CTRL+SHIFT+O on Windows, then clicking the checkbox that’s revealed in the image settings panel.

Oh shii hi Nelson! Love your youtube live videos, so happy to have you reply so fast!

I get your recommendation but I’d like to keep that option on - any idea why it happens even though I’m on Google Chrome on a 13" 2016 macbook pro? It’s around 2560x1600 if I remember correctly

Weirdly enough, if I go through safari, the same pic is on 1600x931 pixel resolution…

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Responsive images do sometimes behave weird. Most often this happened while I was putting them into the grid layouts. Haven’t found a pattern why and when this happens so just had to disable this feature for some images after all.

Thx for the reply Dram. Indeed it happens to my images that are in a grid. Will simply disable this option for grid images.

Oh, so we have a pattern after all! Grid has another thing to improve in its behaviour.