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Webflow really disappointed me, "unable to process customer info" error message unresolved

Hey Webflow community,

I am having a major problem with my client’s e-commerce website.
60-70% of customers are unable to checkout and receive the following message:
“There was an error processing your customer info. Please try again, or contact us if you continue to have problems".

The problem started a few days before Black Friday, causing my client to lose hundreds of customers.
The Webflow support team didn’t answer for 4 days, so he lost Cyber Monday sales as well.
It happens with free products as well as paid products, so even that eliminates the possibility that the problem is with the payment provider.

I had to manipulate the error message to open up a contact form so my client will be able to save some of his customers.

The Webflow support team is unable to provide a solution to this problem.
I’ve seen many people in this forum facing this problem, none of them succeeded in resolving the issue (or at least didn’t post a solution).

Slow response time + no apparent solution = devastating outcome on my client’s business.
I will have to reconsider which platform to use in my future e-commerce projects.

If some of you encountered this problem and were able to resolve it - please let me know.

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Hi there! Did you ever find out how to fix this? Thank you!!