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Webflow Problem → 502 Gateway

+1 same for me, pleas help :slight_smile:

Hello! Same thing for me…

Hey, Same here :frowning:

The same thing in Belarus.
I think that they are working on it :slight_smile:

No clicky here too :frowning:

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Same here, in Montevideo, Uruguay

Same in germany!

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Have to work hard this afternoon …webflow what it’s happening …:open_mouth: ?

Yep me too. USA. I can sometimes get to their homepage by searching Google then clicking their link, but the Dashboard will not open. @PixelGeek, could someone on the Webflow team take a look at this asap?

It looks like a server has hickups.

Nice to read all your locations guys :slight_smile: Everybody in Europe is hard at work :slight_smile:

Italy too :hushed:

Same here in iraq…

Yup US too… NO 502 but just a blank dashboard…

When the home page does load, and I try to click on the Dashboard button, it looks like this:

Hey, the Webflow team just posted an update… here’s the link to that thread:

Kinda off topic but it’s so wonderful to see Webflow is being used by so many countries!!! :tada:


Desktop app please ! Impossible to connect…

Getting “Bad Gateway” and “Oops Something Wrong” Messages

Now my Projects will not load at all.

Anyone else seeing this ? :sweat:

UPDATE: 502 Bad Gateway. nginx

For an hour now: