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Webflow on Windows

I’ve been using Webflow for almost 4 years now and still love it as a platform but (there’s always a ‘but’ in these threads) It really needs more browser support. When I started using Webflow, Chrome was a wonderful fast browser, constantly being improved but now its a resource hungry beast that is full of memory leaks and I can’t bring myself to use it just for Webflow.

Fortunately some enterprising Webflow’ers have suggested using Vivaldi as an alternative since Safari isn’t an option on a windows machine and this suggestion has literally kept me as a Webflow user. Please add this to the tooltip when people use alternative browsers!


I was all skeptical about the issue and the solution. I’m working on a site with a lot of data at the moment and I’m quite a bit in hell. Have to wait 10 seconds after each and every click, working on interactions is a no-no, it’s even slow if I work on them on a blank page (which solves nothing as you can’t copy/paste them), deleting a page takes like 30 seconds if the program doesn’t crash in the meantime, and so on…

Just tried Vivaldi and it seems to be a lot, lot better. I’m going to work with it for a while and see. The site I’m working on right now is still slow, but that’s because it has a lot of data and I’m still waiting for improvements from WF on that side. At least the UI doesn’t start to bug within minutes (on Chrome it’s barely capable of showing a dialog after 15mn of work, on Safari it’s a bit better but still very slow.) For my next site, I was planning to take a business hosting as it has even more data, but if it’s already so slow within the limitations of the CMS plan, I may have to find a different strategy.

Thanks for sharing this tip.

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Hey Vincent boleh kah saya belajar sedikit tentang webflow dari anda??