Webflow Navbar Isn't allowing Transparency

Hello all, I’m new here and new to Webflow and also kind of a noob with Webflow web design. I’m trying to make a transparent Navbar on my site and Webflow isn’t allowing it. I assume it’s some kind of bug but any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

-Reece :sunny:

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An Update, it’s not letting me add a brand image either

Welcome @Reece_McDaniel :wave:

There may be better ways, but if you set a navbar element to fixed positioning and then toggle the effects opacity setting, you’ll get it:

Hey Chris, thank you so much for the response. I changed the positioning to fixed and that allowed me to have a transparent background. I didn’t use the opacity slider because that made the text in my menu disappear, but by changing the position I was able to reduce the opacity on the background color of the menu. Thanks for the tip and helping me solve that problem!

-Reece :sunny: