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Hey Guys! I am having trouble achieving a transparency effect on my navigation bar-- I am trying to get the images in my Slider (which is under the navbar but in the same section) to be seen underneath the navbar. I have every element in the navbar set to a transparent BG and the navbar itself is set to a grey with 80% opacity but i cant see any part of the Slider’s image! I also have a 2column section in my navbar to set my logo and menu on either side of the browser winder. Any ideas? Here are screen shots of my project:

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Can you please share your read-only link

Hi there @Karl-Heinrich Just turned my site sharing on :grin:

Your navbar should not be nested with your hero section. It’s an element of its own.
Drag it out and you should see the transparency work.


@Karl-Heinrich so would I would need to take the slider out of the hero section as well right?

No, the purpose of the hero section is to wrap your slider. The navbar needs no wrapper because it already has a wrapper, called navbar (header).

@Karl-Heinrich so my Navigator panel should look as such:

Hero Section…?

I have done this and for some reason I am still not seeing the Slider’s image under the nav bar and every element is set to transparent

@Karl-Heinrich nevermind this works, just repositioned my slider/hero section to start at the threshold of the nav bar. Thanks for your help!

If you want your navbar to be on top of the slider, then yes.

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