Webflow Memberstack Event Website

Hello Developers,

We want to build an event platform on Webflow + Memberstack but not sure if Memberstack can support it. I am sharing the details below, kindly help us out:

  1. The base website will be built on Webflow with an event landing page and Memberstack for memberships
  2. User Journey
  3. User will visit event landing page and view event details
  4. User will click CTA ‘Register Now’
  5. User will be redirected to a page to become an event registration visitor
  6. User will input his company email address and create a password
  7. User will be redirected to a logged in page where he can further view event details and also book for the event
  8. In case of booking, user will fill below details
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Company Email
    4. Mobile Number (with country code)
    5. No. of Registrations (depending on this, user will be prompted to input visitor name, email, phone, country)
    6. Ticket Cost (will get updated) as per no. of registrations
    7. Terms & Conditions
  9. Once the user fills up the above and clicks on Pay Now, Razorpay Payment pop-up will open and user will do payment on Razorpay
  10. Post successful payment, user will be redirected to Thank You Page
  11. User can anytime come back to the logged in page and edit the registration details including the people’s details who are coming for the event
  12. There will be a cut-off data to edit the details
  13. Emails will be triggered to the user on following:
    1. User created his login
    2. Password Reset
    3. User made a payment
    4. User edited details on portal (Optional)