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Confirming Event Attendance - Webflow X Memberstack?

Hi all,

I have a charity client that I am likely to be developing a site for. I intend to use Memberstack to gate charity worker content off from the public part of the site.

One feature that they need is the ability for any of their members to confirm attendance at events. It will be structured like so:

Public site —> Memberstack Gate —> list of upcoming fundraising events on charity member dashboard (events created using Webflow CMS) —> Button to select whether member can attend this event —> member-only view of event showing how many charity workers will be attending.

Forgive me for summoning you again @DuncanHamra, but is this something that Memberstack is likely to be able to do?


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I’ve just rewatched all the Memberstack tutorial videos - still no joy! (Great tutorials though!)

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Thanks for the kind words Andy :smiley:

What you need isn’t possible right out of the box, but something like Parabola or Zapier could fill in the gaps. Either that, or a front-end developer who can use our API and Webhooks to track/count clicks.

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That’s awesome, thanks Duncan! Will look into it.