Webflow - Logic Flow - What happened?

Hi Everyone,

So last year in November - The big guns came out - Webflow announced it would be doing the next step and become a no-code platform with logic flow and database integration.

Until now it is still a webdesign with a somewhat integrated CMS.

So we as we love webflow but couldn’t build any intelligent webapp with it got excited!!

And there was a beta announcement which we subscribed directly.
and then there was…


no further infos, no blog update about the status, no beta, alpha whatever news…

So what happened? To early announcement? does it come at a point? or it is on Ice?

Thanks for the update…

Still keeping ourselves excited - just want to know if we still should be… :slight_smile:

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I very much wondering the same thing? How can it be no communication what so ever around this?

My interpretation is we are probably years away from seing Logic in production based on the zero updates on it, but would be great to see an official comment or update from Webflow on this…

@yellowsnow @jonatanf Webflow’s given updates in their quarterly community live streams. Vlad said it was announced prematurely but will be released shortly after Memberships. Memberships is launching this summer, so I expect Logic to be released in Q3 or Q4.

Thanks for the update, but that seems very optimistic from my perspective.

From what I have heard memberships is most likely coming into production end of Q3 (really happy path), but more likely Q4.

Building on how long Memberships have been in Beta before making it into production, I expect Logic to have at least 9 months lead time from Beta to Production.

Hence, end 2023/beginning 2024 seems like a best guess before Logic is available right now.

Quite disappointed on the communication around this - think everyone would be OK with the slower than expected development on this if the communication would be more transparent and professional.

Still hoping for some official from Webflow will pick this up and shed some more light on it, because I’m really looking forward to the feature but can’t wait forever.

Webflow is still a great platform — even without Memberships or Logic. These are super exciting updates, and honestly I believe they will shift how people view Webflow in the no-code space, but I’d rather they take the time to tie everything together the right way.

Keep in mind that these things need to place nicely, not only with one another but with all of the tools we use already. I’d love these pieces to enhance everything around them rather than tack on haphazardly.

Webflow has a track record of developing things a bit more slowly, however I’ve never had issues with newly released features since I started using the platform ~8 years ago. This pace can lead to frustration but they obviously put a lot of effort into ensuring these platform shifts are worth the wait.

If you don’t normally do so, I’d recommend tuning into the quarterly streams as they typically touch on these larger releases and take the time to answer specific questions from folks in the community :+1:


While I can wait for Memberships and Logic to come out, I’m considering moving off of Webflow because of their overall inability to get even basic features up and running:

  • Cannot have two forms and send each one to a different email. A super simple feature.
  • Can have captions on static lightbox images but not dynamic/CMS gallery lightboxes. Also super simple.
  • Cannot launch a new Showcase system that includes comments immediately. Really?
  • Dropped Client Billing so they could put their developers to use elsewhere - what on earth have they been doing in the interim if they can’t do any of the above in a reasonable timeframe after dropping this?
  • No built-in filtering or any of the other tools that the amazing team at Finsweet has developed
  • Can’t filter CMS items by custom fields, only by four default fields that Webflow gives you

I’ll be using them into the future as I have retainer clients on Webflow but I really, really hope they pick up their development pace.

I’m playing around with https://www.ycode.com/ as it appears to do all of the above, including what Memberships and Logic will do.

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So now it’s almost august 2022. No update on logic. Any idea when it will arrive? At least beta? Thanks

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What it is, When everyone is talking years about it but no one have seen it. it is a MYTH. :joy: