Webflow limitations today?

Hello there! So I’m starting to open my startup/freelancer after working some years in a agency. I always been working with Wordpress + Divi + custom css).

I’ve been watching Webflow showcases and they look really awesome, but I also read that Webflow miss somethings (like accounts and multi-language). So my question is what are the limitations today of Webflow? Do you guys keep building with other CMS too or embrace full on Webflow?

(Sorry for my bad English ahah)

Thank you!

@johnpeter :wave: Welcome!!!

You can see what people are asking for on the Webflow Wishlist to get a better idea of Webflow’s current limitations are.

While Webflow does have these limitations, there are third party solutions which make some of these things possible. For example Memberstack integrates with Webflow giving your the ability to create Membership websites and charge for those memberships if you choose to do so.

Another example is Weglot which also integrates with Webflow so you can make your website multilingual.

It’s possible to build most sites in Webflow and if I’m being honest, by using Webflow, you’ll have those websites finished in a fraction of the time you would if you were using another platform with better performance. If custom code or a third party solution doesn’t get the job done, there are experts you can hire who have the skills to get things done.

I hope everything I said was clear for you, let me know if you have any further questions.


Hi Chris! Thanks for the reply.

I already saw the wishlist, but should be cool to have a estimative when we gonna have some updates. I understand that exist that kind of cool integrations with that services but it also costs a lot of money to have them comparing to others platforms. And when starting the freelance journey, money is a important factor.

I will keep eyes on that and hope for those updates, because I think Webflow have a lot of potential.

Thank you!

@johnpeter I am glad I could help. I also want you to consider the types of clients that you are going to be working with starting out. When you are starting out, the majority of your clients won’t need any really advanced functionalities. When your clients do come to you with requests for advanced functionalities, then you as a service provider have to then charge them accordingly so you aren’t paying out of pocket for any third-party tools/services you have to get for their project or ask them to purchase a subscription with whatever provider you need to use.

As for the cost of the third-party tools, most are reasonably priced and some are free, but again if you are getting them for a client’s project then really that should come out of your client’s pocket. Most people in my experience are willing to pay the extra money if you explain why the extra funds are needed.

Just some food for thought.

I think Webflow as a no-code designer is pretty hobbled and hard to use. The tutorials are way overproduced and are misleading. Anytime you actually want something basic everyday and practical, you’ll often find you need custom code work arounds. The worst at the moment for me is no captions for CMS image collections. Kind of a no brainer, yet 8 or more months on from that feature being launched, still nothing though they said they’re working on it. You’ll find this happening over and over again.

Not to rant, but I think they’re just gunning for valuation with whiz-bang eye popping features, while the basics are left forgotten. Another instance to support that - big thread on image management where one of their PMs merged a bunch of features that never got done, then marked the whole mess as complete. Everyone’s raging about it, yet no response from Webflow. Guessing their investors might get surprised when someone else realizes the gap and fills it, and we start migrating elsewhere. They’re no longer the only ones in this game, as they had been the first few years.

Kinda sad, but after using them off and on over a few years, my sentiment hasn’t changed one bit; and I want to! They promise more than they deliver. For instance, I’m not even sure if they do any user testing whatsoever. I did a search for it in the forum, and I got 8 results mostly from others asking for test drives of their site. Kinda sad. Let’s hope they figure out where their money really needs to go, and work on cake more than the icing on top.