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My questions & wishes for webflow

The truth is, webflow is probably the best piece of software I have ever bought online. I always felt very limited when it comes to creating websites that look & perform good. As an affiliate/landing page designer for many products without much coding experience I desperately searched for a solution that would allow me to customize my websites in order to improve the conversions to the maximum.

I can say without any doubt, that webflow is a project with immense potential & will definitely become much bigger than it is currently.

However I do have some questions that I would like to ask & I hope someone will answer sooner or later.

First of all a questions that is not directly related to any feature. Webflow already is a very complex product & it can only get better, but as an affiliate with several years of experience I simply cannot understand why webflow has no affiliate program at all. As I already said, webflow is a HUGE software & there are so many people/designers/digital marketers out there who are ready to buy this software once they actually see it as there is literally no competition that offers such an opportunity. Most bloggers are only going to feature this stuff as soon as they can make money with it. So please, make this product available to promote for affiliates & I can guarantee, that webflow will grow much faster than it is currently growing.

The second questions is again not related to any feature. I know that this questions has already been asked several times, but I still don’t understand why this is not yet available as this is guaranteed to increase webflow’s conversion rate dramatically. Yep, I’m talking about PayPal. I don’t know if any of you guys have ever promoted a digital product. I do pomote several products on Clickbank & other providers. As an affiliate of these product I can see where all the sales come from & the fact is, at least 50% of all online transactions in the US & EU are done with PayPal. It is just a lot more comfortable, easy & “safer” in the consumers mind than anything else. Yet webflow does not provide this option although it has been asked several times for years. Do this & again webflow will see a guaranteed increase in conversions.

I also have a couple of webflow feature related questions, however time is short, so i’ll ask them later.

Thank you very much & have a wonderful day!
Chris Wiso

I agree with you about Webflow needing an affiliate program.

I as well create a lot of affiliate landing pages - mostly for clickbank and amazon products.

Obviously, Webflow can most certainly do what you are asking…

  • However, I see Webflow as overkill for such a need.

There are several very low cost website builders out there that can accomplish this.

Why not use one of the those ?

They don’t have the power and strength of Webflow…

  • but they can definately create simple and complex - single and multiple page responsive websites.

One of the benefits of using them - is - they all ride on top of bootstrap.

Webflow does not.

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I agree, however the limitations of these “low cost” website builders are a BIG negative aspect which makes webflow a much better solution for me.

You must remember that webflow is not supposed to be a website builder where you drag & drop certain predesigned elements together. The goal is to code websites visually & not just drop & drag stuff that has been used 1000 times by other people. On top of that they provide amazing features such as interactions, animations & even a CMS.

I mean how many people use the same old boring Wordpress templates everyone else is using. These times are over, if webflow only changed the way that are currently limiting & pricing this product.

Imagine if webflow would cost just as much as those low cost website builders. With what solution would you go? Webflow.

But what keeps people from using webflow then? It’s the way webflow limits & prices their software.

When I started designing a website, I wanted to use custom fonts, however I couldn’t do that as I needed a subscription in order to enable this feature. I simply cannot understand why? I mean why do they limit access to all the features as a free member & make their product look less than it actually is, if a person is not allowed to export code nor to use a custom domain. Let’s be honest, no one wants to use a webflow subdomain for business & no one is going to use a webflow sub domain for anything else. It’s just useful to have a full preview of your website. It’s the same with all the other limitations except the website creation limitation. It makes no sense to limit the full experience for a potential customer.

The pricing is not that bad. I find it to be fair, however I can understand why so many people don’t. Why not just use one of those wordpress templates & host your website for $50 instead of paying $500 for webflow subscription, hosting, CMS & collaborators. Webflow is constantly updating us with new amazing features & I really feel like the money I invest into this product is actually reinvested into something useful. Therefore I don’t really want them to change their pricing now, instead I want them to start marketing this product seriously. I would have implemented an affiliate program a long time ago. If they only did this, I believe they could do something about their price structure & make it a lot more attractive to a bigger audience, which then again leads to more customers & an even better webflow.

I would have to disagree with you regarding Webflow’s pricing. I think it’s actually very reasonable for the Webflow tool and its advantages.

We must also remember that Webflow is made for web designers as well as freelancers. Meaning the people using Webflow are mostly looking at making a profit. If Webflow allowed all the advantages of Webflow on the free plan then what would be the point of buying a purchases plan? And if there are no purchased plans how is Webflow going to make a profit?

So on my opinion I support the Webflow pricing structure. I also think Webflow’s motto is quality over quantity. They want quality designers to use their product. I don’t think they necessarily just want a whole lot of designers that make colorful boxes and put text inside of them.

Just my thoughts, don’t be afraid to comment or express your thoughts as well. :wink::grinning::blush::+1:


I think you did not understand me correctly there.

As a free user you are limited anyway, because you cannot export your website nor can you use a custom domain.

In other words, the audience you just described (freelancers/web designers) cannot use webflow at all to make any money, if they do not purchase a subscription.

Therefore I believe it would be a better solution to give the customers a full experience of all the features of webflow as they can’t use the results from any work without any subscription. However this is just a personal thing & I don’t think it is really important compared to the 2 other suggestions.

Oh, I understand, yes that is a good idea now that I think about it… :wink::blush::grinning: