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WebFlow "Leave Feedback" link broken/resource files missing

Was watching a video on how to create a landing page from scratch( and tried to follow alone. that’s when I noticed that there were some images to be utilized. I checked the page and there were no resource files.

Ok, so I will just leave some feedback asking for those resourse files to be added to the page so us newbies can completely follow along and learn…that’s when I found out that the ‘leave feedback’ link is broken. It simple refreshes the current page despite the link showing different text/url.

I copied the link, pasted it and it just brought me back to that same tutorial again.

So this ends up being two problems, and rather frustrating for new comers to WebFlow.

1/ Missing resource files so we can follow a tutorial completely
2/ broken feedback link where we can’t actually leave feedback

and while I’m at it, let’s add a 3rd that is annoyingly common to such websites as these:

3/ the requirement to register for forums after having already registering for a website account. While not a webflow-specific issue, I just wish that forums were more compatible with website account so we didn’t have to create yet another logon just to leave feedback because the regular feedback link was broken…

Hope this help you guys as I love this webflow thing!

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