Webflow community support is broken- A cry for Webflow to take action!

One of the most amazing things that Webflow has created, is this tribe… This wonderful group of weirdos that want to change the way websites are build, don’t get me wrong, the tool is amazing, and the it content, but works because you are here, and he is here… and we are helping each other

The one thing that gets me every single time, tho… is that after creating all this synergy, user’s helping users, experts helping noobs… content that’s worth millions of dollars in manpower, free help, samples, and clonable… all of this is hanging from a thin line supported by individual willing to keep allocating space in their accounts, as long as they keep paying the subscription… all these broken links in the forums from websites that are gone, all the webflow showcase that is disappearing… after all this value created by the community…

I love the new direction that webflow is moving toward,I and appreciate all the resources that go into building all the cool new features, logic, and users, Devlink is a dream come true… But we need to allocate some resources to keep all these links live. If a user takes the time to share something with the forum, ask a question, solve a question, upload a photo to the forum, or create a clonable… Webflow should be the one responsible for maintaining its life… and should not depend on individual users deciding to keep an allocation and pay for their account forever…

Imagine if youtube asked you to erase your previous video if you wanted to upload something new? how much value would humanity have lost? The community, this tribe… is the biggest resource webflow has and one of the most important assets to grow it. Other platforms will kill for this engagement. These old questions in the forum, from the previous how-to, are essential to newcomers; the clonable with a collection of animated buttons, or the screenshot with an answer in the forum… Please, Webflow, be responsible for the content your community is creating to help you grow.

The inherent paradox of web 2.0, and yet, it is still unaddressed with web 3.0. Is that information is both permanent, not archival and dependent on the abstraction of standards.

The lack of implementation/browser support from w3c on simple things like using HTML and CSS for paged/printed/screen media and the plethora of platforms creating pseudo standards is both the symptom and the cause.

It’s like a power grid where alternate frequency is defined by each product for its own goals.