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Webflow Job Board

Hey everyone,

We are in beta Webflow jobs board, full of resources, jobs posted start at $1500 per project, soon to come will be a designers showcase area.

Subscribers will get weekly access to jobs not posted on the main site as well as other goodies.



I would subscribe! What would the job sources be?

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Sounds like a grand idea.

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Je serais intéressé aussi !

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Hiya, so sorry for the delay in sending my reply, I’ve been frantically building.

The job sources, at least for the meantime, will be hand sourced (I know right, that’s gonna be a challlenge). I’ll not be just cut and pasting jobs from Upwork and the like. I’m aiming for higher paying gigs, so there will be a minimum starting point for every job posted of $1,500. At the moment I am working on attracting subscribers only and adding content to the site. It’s going to be a little bitty to start with, but it’s important that I launch and then iterate as opposed to spend all my time looking for perfection prior to launch :slight_smile:

You can already subscribe to the weekly mailing list at


Subscribed! That sounds like it will be super high quality. I’m excited!

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Music to my ears Parker!!


Subscribed. :slight_smile: Cool idea.


Thanks so much Teresa, I look forward to sending you some good news :slight_smile:

I’ve just added some jobs so you can get a feel of what’s to come.

Subscribed, looks awesome!

Seems to be a very solid tool. Subscribed!

Thanks Renan and thanks for looking :slight_smile:

Thanks Sam for such enlightening comments.

I’m thinking about adding an area where we could showcase Webflow designers, what do you think? If you like the idea, what do you think I should include, how should it look?

New Updates made today :slight_smile:

I love this! Thanks so much. Subscribed!

Thanks Jordan, tell your friends !!

Very interested and excited by this. Are you just taking email sign up now, as I’m receiving a 404 error after confirming sign up.

Hi Shaun,

Sorry to hear this mate, it’s odd though as I’m getting sign up notifications all the time.
Give it another go and it’s still not working maybe I can manually add you?