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My new job board BETA (*competition)

Hello all!:wave:t3: Welcome to my pay what you wish job board project.

I am showcasing my first official Webflow project which I am mega excited to share with you all. Helpmethru’ was inspired by Ben Tossell and his Makerpad tutorials.

I have created a fully functioning job board for designers and developers to share their work and also to find work in the community.

The site as you see is a beta version, I am releasing the beta to only the Webflow community, so I would appreciate if you could take the time as fellow designers and developers to have a look at helpmethru’ and test it’s features. As this is currently a beta release please report any bugs you may find or just comment your ideas for improvement. I am all ears as they say.

To help people of the community have a reason to help beta test this product I am going to be running a competition. To anyone who helps test this site I will enter them into a giveaway styled competition to win £100, I unfortunately can not offer more than that right now (must post a job to the job board AND complete the contact form on the contact page when done. Please include your email in both the job post and contact form).

Many thank’s to Finsweet ( and Ben Tossell ( for the tutorials which helped bring this site together.

Please also comment & share to help support the project!:pray:t3:

Cool project, take a look at vw on iPad. No margins

Edit landscape

Cool idea! I’ll take a bit more time going thru it, but from what I can immediately tell:

  1. As Janne pointed out, watch for your iPad viewport, there are no margins on the side
  2. The big buttons filters (see screenshot below) remain the same when one is pressed, which could be confusing from a UX perspective. I suggest you change the “pressed” design (maybe invert colors, or just make it darker, or give the pressed button a purple margin on the left side, similar to the jobs cards…). Just so that there is some visual indication for the user to know what filter is selected.


Good spot, Appreciate the feedback and makes perfect sense, I am on with it, Thank you

Love the site, and love the idea!

Only one thing I thought I would point out. The hover on the job cards. I really like the look of the blue bar. If you made this a fixed position it should prevent the text inside the card from moving to the right. I think it would make the animation SUPER smooth!

I love this! Thankyou!