Webflow is Incredible


I just wanted to say that WebFlow is a great tool, and it seems to be only improving at this point. With the addition of form data, I am loving it even more. Can’t wait for the next update to see what’s in store for us. Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this.



I really just want parallax. Haha :smiley:

Yes, Webflow is truly incredible, especially with the amazing CMS that they have introduced!

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@MinewireNetwork Parallax would be great but I can’t wait till Webflow adds DWP which GodlessGlen introduced to me a few days ago DWP lets website owners target visitors by browser, device, location, time of day, number of visits, etc. This is great for offering sales, coupons, displaying maps, etc. this is such a powerful feature Can’t Wait! :smile:

And almost forgot Webflow is the best in it’s class there is nothing even close yet CMS is truly amazing

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agree, Truly Incredible

I’m not a coder. It is seldom that a software puts you to this fast learning curve!


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