Streaming live at 10am (PST) url does not work with www. in front of it?

I made 2 small pages for a wedding invite, the invitations have already been sent so I really need a quick solution to this! I assumed you could access the pages with but it ends up in a 404, is there a way to fix this? I’ve already googled but the only solutions I find are about fixing it in the DNS when you have your personal domain.

It is a temporary page for a friend so I do not have the budget to invest in any hosting or domains sadly, that’s why I stuck with the webflow branding and domain.

I honestly don’t think you can, unfortunately. I’m happy to be proved wrong though!

Ah that’s really a shame but thanks for replying anyway!

Andy is right.

The domain you buy is only domain.extension (i.e.

www.domain.extension is a subdomain of domain.extension. It was used as a default until nowadays. Now people tend to set domain.extension as default. is a subdomain of So you can’t add www. to it, it doesn’t make any sense.

The url doesn’t impact the site at all. It’s not less of a website if there’s no “www” in front of it. Now I reckon that it’s reassuring to have “www” in front and a known extension at the end, for people to recognize a URL immediately.

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That last part is exactly the reason why I added the www. on the invitation at the last moment, seeing as there are some older generations receiving it. Good learning for next time to always double check everything. We’ll make do with sending all the invitees a note with the correct URL. Thank you for taking time to answer!