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Custom domain don't work if there is no "www" in the domain path

I just transfered 2 websites to new company webflow account and now custom domain don’t work if there is no “www” in the domain path

example: works does not work PLEASE HELP, all google search trafic is comming on this domain

what to do?

I don’t know much but isn’t this something you need to parameters at your registrar rather than in webflow?

Having the same issue. Any ideas? I followed the webflow guide for adding CNAME records to GoDaddy, which did work to get the site running. However, trying to reach the site without the WWW results in a page not found.

did you also put the naked domain in your hosting settings in webflow?


I was trying to put naked domain with “” which is wrong … when I added just “” thing started to work :smiley:

so you just add and

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@zigakolar Hi there. I’m in a similar boat. I created a domain with a www. in front of it, and it wouldn’t come up on some of my friend’s devices. I attempted to add another domain without the www. but when I check the status of it although the IPs it is pointing to are correct, it says it’s not pointing to the Webflow proxy servers. I purchased the domain through Namecheap, so I was just wondering if you had to go into your domain account and add a subdomain and set to CNAME to get it to accept the site with and without the www.



yes I had CNAME with subdomain added at my domain service settings.

cheers :slight_smile:

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