Webflow Hubspot integration - dropdown menu 1st value

Generally I like the Hubspot-Webflow app for embedding Hubspot forms and styling them in Webflow.

Has anyone else noticed that if you plop in a Hubspot form into the Designer… and the Hubspot form has a dropdown/select field… Webflow strips out the initial “Please select…” option and the value you see, by default, is the first value of the dropdown menu? This is a blocker for a page I’m working on. It looks tacky and is confusing to the user.

As a side note, I would just like to express how awful Hubspot’s forms are. It is so frustrating that after IPO’ing 10 years ago… they STILL have insane limitations on what you can edit/style. If you look at the Hubspot boards/forums, basically anytime anyone wants to edit anything — the response is always “write custom CSS.” So… thank you Webflow for addressing something Hubspot has ignored for 10 years.

Hey @drew-eastmead!

Thanks for sharing that feedback regarding the dropdown/select field and your expereince so far! We’ve shared this with the team!

Thanks @jonohale - any update on this? Was the team at least able to verify that this is a bug?

Hey @drew-eastmead, this is currently a limitation with how the App works.

You could use custom code to override this: Locate the ID by selecting the Hubspot input and going to settings > attributes: screenshot example
Replace where it says dropdown in the code below with the id found in the site attribute settings.

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() 
{    let formDropdown = document.getElementById('dropdown');    dropdown.value = ''; // Set the value to an empty string to select the "Please Select" option  
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thank you @jonohale !

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