New Webflow - Hubspot form integration issues

Hi, I recently used the new Webflow Hubspot App with the function to add an existing Hubspot form to my Webflow page and then style it in Designer.

  1. The first issue I encountered was when opening the page on mobile. The last form field, with the dropdown, doesn’t follow the styling. Even when I tried doing it through custom code, it still didn’t follow.

  2. Is there a way to add a preview text inside the form like “insert work email”. Every time I try adding a text block or if I go to settings into the Text field, the Designer crashes.

Can someone plz assist with this?

Here is the preview link: Webflow - Chatdesk

Hi there. Check if there’s any custom CSS applied to the dropdown field that might be causing issues. Sometimes, conflicting CSS can lead to unexpected results. Make sure you’ve applied the desired styling within Webflow’s Designer for the dropdown field. You can use the responsive design controls to refine how elements should appear on mobile devices. If you need help, you can contact here ( They saved my project a few months ago.