Webflow hosting sales pitch comparisons

I have been comparing pricing structure. Because nothing is quite like webflow the closest I am comparing pricing to would be Managed wordpress hosting.

What I haven’t been able to find. Is webflow shared hosting? Or how is it set up. There is AWS cloud hosting, with a fastly CDN so it’s secure and fast. But when I am trying to explain the difference between webflow hosting and other options I’m having a hard time comparing apples to apples. What are you guys doing to explain it.

Selling people on the static hosting doesn’t make any sense to me with the other options out there. Unless I’m missing something Webflow is quite expensive for a static hosting site.

As it has been said on here before customers don’t really care what tools I use to make my workflow smoother. Yes it does save them money if they compared a custom wordpress build but because of the plethora of designers using wordpress templates they might be able to find a cheaper option anyway.

I guess what I am looking for is some concrete comparisons to other major hosting options out there. So I can go Hosting A charges this for these features. I am offering this hosting with these features for this.

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