Hosting Plans in Comparison

I’m more and more convinced about to do the step of starting officially with webflow.

But there are some details that are’nt clear at all. I’ve read a lot about offering webflow hosting to clients, but i have’nt found solid answers yet. There are lots of arguments about pros and cons but no direct comparison that expose the benefits of hosting via webflow.

If i’m not wrong, an official way of presentation of amplified hosting details is missing.

It would be awesome if there would be a list of the differences and advantages of webflow. It’s crucial to have this important detail clear before deciding to embark definitely with an account plan.

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@Cosmos I can add

  • Great and easy CMS
  • Easy domain setup
  • Powered by
    Amazon Web Services & Fastly
  • 100+ datacenters and servers worldwide (fast loading around the world thanks to CDN)
  • SSL comes standard
  • Daily backups

Thanks @PiterDimitrov :+1:
that are all points that are great, all points that we understand.

If i’m not wrong there are other hosting companies including already
SSL as standard, with considerably lower fees, especially for the first year.
Daily backups are awesome, but not essential for many sites.
The brand Amazon is a giant that can convince but it is’nt argument enough
to be a main reason to go for it. Easy domain set up is a joke :slight_smile:
Great and easy CMS is a good one, but it depends of what the possible client
wants and needs to manage by himself.

In spite of it i’m more and more strongly drawn towards making the step
of starting with Webflow. I’m still rambling on it, there are moments when i
see it completely clear and others that i recognize that the end decission of
hosting with Webflow is’nt going to be finnaly in my hands.

Its like if Adobe would’nt let you print your final work with unaffiliated printers,
handing out only part of the created project if deciding to finish the work elsewhere.

If there woud’nt be that handicap things would be crystal clear and there would’nt
be any reason to ruminate about if purchaising, or not, a Webflow account.

Hey @Cosmos

I use Webflow hosting for my bigger projects. These type of sites need to be updated frequently or feature dynamic content.

For smaller static sites & personal projects, I export the code and use Netlify as webflows hosting is overkill for those sites.

I would definitely recommend Webflow hosting but it is on the expensive side at $144 USD per year.

Hi @Rummy, i’m understanding more and more everything step by step. :mechanical_leg:
Webflow convinces. The only way to discover all its potential is to plunge in
:whale: and go directly through the whole Webflow experience personally.