Webflow has a life of it's own

I’m getting increasingly frustrated with Webflow, I seem to have to redo whole areas time and time again because they suddenly break for no apparent reason. Here’s the latest one, you can see on the video how my field moves up when the tooltip appears (it didn’t happen originally when I built it). The worst part is that going back to the editor doesn’t switch things to the original state, I have to go to another page and then back to the original.


Hey @Mowgli I’m sorry you’re having some frustrations. It looks as though you’re using the designer preview (which is simply a preview), I recommend always looking at the actual live published Webflow.io site.

Can you please send over a read only link for us to help better diagnose/help you find a solution to the issue you are experiencing? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you,


Hi, thanks for your reply. This is happening in the published site too but in any case having to publish (ie make public) to preview something is not right! Where can I send the link to? I’m afraid that I can’t do that in a public forum.


Feel free to send me a message if that works better for you. :smile: We’ll get this resolved :smile:

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