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Webflow + Foxy Product Variants Importer

Hey all.
Josh from Foxy here. Many of you use our product variant script to create product variants based on a list of comma separated options provided in Webflow’s CMS.

If you have lots of products to add, with lots of variants, this can be a time consuming task.

Using Airtable, we’ve put together a base you can use to auto generate product variant information you can simply copy/paste right into Webflow’s CMS. Check out the screencast below. If you’d like your own copy of this base, just let us know.



Can I have more info about this cool tool and how is integrated in webflow? Thanks

Hi @AlekDobrohotov.
Absolutely. This specific tool/tutorial is best suited for Webflow websites using Foxy and Webflow’s CMS with many product with product variants. It’s more or less a time saver, though it could be extended to do more depending on your needs.

Feel free to send more info about your specific needs or any questions you may have.


I’d love a copy of this base!

Hi @Arthur. Just messaged you. :slight_smile:

Hey Josh! Could I get a copy of this too? :pray:

Hey @mattvaru.
No problem at all. Just messaged you.


Super idea…
please can I have also a copy… looks very easy time-saving…
thx Karel

Hi @KarelRosseel82.
Absolutely. Just messaged you.


thx a lot
thx… I am new to Airtable but maybe you can make me a tuturial about how to get data automatic into webflow CMS by a form of Webflow…

I found but not tried yet a way of docupilot to automatic fill in signature…

BUT I search for saving data of a webflowform into the CMS of webflow… and load data again into the form to have the possiblity to print the CMS data (not form airtable) into a beautifull layout.

Hi @KarelRosseel82.
The demo we put together is for a different use case than what you’ve described here. You’ll need to use Zapier to connect the trigger (ex: Airtable, Webflow Form, etc.) and the action (new item in Webflow CMS Collection). More info can be found here:


HI Josh and Team. Have sent you an email. This may assist with what we’re trying to achieve though if you wouldn’t mind sharing?

Hi @Chris_White.
Got your email. We’ll be in touch shortly. Thanks so much!


Hi Josh, could I get a copy of this base, please?

Hi Andrew.
Happy to help. Mind sending us an email with details on your use case: The base mentioned in this thread is for a very specific use case. Just want to make sure we’re pointing you in the right direction.