Webflow form, finsweet and buy button

I’m using finsweet’s CMS filter and sort for my products in page. Everything was fine until a client asked for me to add “add to cart button”, I thought it’s going to be easy job…yeah. Since I’m using CMS filter and sort by finsweet, my products are inside of a form field and apparently you cannot add “add to cart button” inside of a form.

Any help would be appreciated

You can use CMS Filter & Sort without using a form, just simple CMS Collection.

Take a look at this https://itaworld-eu-beta.webflow.io/, i use cms filter and sort with the products and i have the add to cart button also.

If you need help just let me know.

Omg, I thought that finsweet’s attribute system requires form field, but apparently not :sweat_smile: And it seems that your solution has worked for me!

Gorgeous site btw! Beautiful swipers and product page

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