Webflow Ecommerce or Shopify/Shopyflow or Foxy.io?

Hi all,

For a new webshop I’m trying to determine what the best way is to go.
As the shop for now is focussed on The Netherlands, the most important payment method is iDeal.
So that is mandatory. The options beneath combine with Stripe (offers iDeal) or have iDeal in their package (Shopify).
The average pricing of the products is in the range from 10 to 100 euros. Total products around 200 items. All physical products.

Option 1
Webflow Ecommerce $29,- p/m + 2% per transaction
Stripe € 0,29 per transaction

Option 2
Webflow CMS $23,- p/m
Shopify € 28,- p/m
Shopyflow (free in beta)
Shopify iDeal € 0,29 per transaction

Option 3
Webflow CMS $23,- p/m
Foxy.io $21,25 + 0,20 ct per transaction
Mollie paymentgate for iDeal: € 0,29 per transaction

Surely I can do the math and I’ve been using Webflow for quite some time, but it seems not everyone is very enthusiastic about Webflow Ecommerce.
Given that the payment with iDeal is a must have, and keeping things simple as possible for the admins/shop-owners, what would be the sensible choice? And is option 1 truly possible?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Hi @merkmotief.
Josh with Foxy here.I responded to your other post. Foxy + Webflow is definitely an approach to consider. I wanted to clarify that the Foxy transaction fee only applies to transactions over your first 100 transactions each month.

If you’re looking for customizable, scalable ecommerce for Webflow, definitely give Foxy a try. Here to help if you have any questions or need help getting started: hello@foxy.io