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Using Memberstack but need one-time independent purchase options

Oh you know its a bad day when I have to turn to the forums, but I just can’t figure this out, and any help is much appreciated.

Basically, I have a site that is integrated with Memberstack to handle logins and a monthly subscription service (for serving video content like Teachable or Thinkific). Works beautifully, HOWEVER, I also want to offer masterclasses which are a fixed price, one-time payment. memberstack does not do this, but it has to be designed in such a way that people can buy a masterclass whether they are signed up or not, but they must sign up and subscribe to view the monthly, stock videos.

Let’s forget about memberstack for a minute and just say I wanted the site to offer individual masterclasses o nits own URL. That’s basically e-commerce, but how would I integrate an e-commerce solution, either through webflow or a 3rd party, to allwo access to digital video content only AFTER a payment is made. Can you make gated content this way? Thanks again for your help.

That’s what we and the forums are here for! :sunglasses: I’d consider it a “good day” that this all exists :rofl:

Awesome! :clap:

Yea… limiting :scream:

Webflow itself has an e-commerce solution and just recently they’ve added the ability to sell digital products (versus physical products) from it. Go to the Webflow University to learn more :movie_camera:

I’ve not used this :point_up_2: with MemberStack so I’m not sure if it’ll work or not.

That said, my go-to solution has been to use something like Gumroad for one-off’s behind MemberStack. You’ll need a one-off solution that has a Zapier/Integromat integration so you can let your Webflow CMS and the MemberStack member items know that a successful purchase has been made and that they now have access to this content.

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

Thanks Chris. Due to the deadline I had to suggest embedding a purchase widget from another platform for the time being and just present it on the main site. It makes for a double login but it does the job. I will revisit this thread WHEN I have an answer because this is something a lot of people need and all the hoops to achieve it are more complicated than if I just learned hard core JSON. My God…

Hi @Timothy_Rochon.
Josh from Foxy here. What you’re wanting to do (memberships, paygate content, and one-off charges) is all possible with Foxy + Webflow, by using our new customer portal/paygate functionality.

You can conditionally show/hide Webflow elements/content based on any combination of the following:

  • Customer is logged in
  • Customer is logged out
  • Customer has an active subscription
  • Customer has an active subscription for a specific plan/membership
  • Customer has purchased a specific product

In addition, customers can login, view order history, manage their subscriptions, update billing/shipping/login info, and more, all inside of your Webflow site. This feature is currently in private beta. You can learn more and apply here. Invites are being sent in batches every week or so.

More info about our seamless Webflow integration can be found here. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started:


Thanks for the reply Josh. We are going to explore such options, but for the time being have decided to basically build a dyson sphere of sites with memberstack paywalls to get the job done by the deadline (its more expensive but hot damn is it smooth).

After the deadline is met we will look into this solution. Thanks!

Hi @Timothy_Rochon.
Sounds like a plan. We’re here if you need anything.