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Webflow designer stuck at "loading..."

I supposed a tech problem, just from some minutes.
Can go to setting and so on but when I try to load the Project writes…
LOADING … and stay there.

Hi there :slight_smile: I’m happy to help.

What is your read-only link:

and what browser and version are you using?

thanks in advance

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Thank you PixelGeek…
Now it’s working again… strange thing.
In Chrome was writing always LOADING…
So I Tried to load it in EDGE browser, and was working.
I’ve cleaned the full cache… and all return to work…
Never happened before.

Thank you again and if you can mark this post as closed I can’t delete it.


Hi @soulfree64

Just an FYI, the Webflow designer tool will not work with Microsoft Edge. You must use either Google Chrome or Apple Safari

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Hello @PixelGeek

What about Opera?

I use it and it never gives me any problems :wink:


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In fact I know this… but I did that only to try if it was working or not , than I’ve cleaned the cache and all went fine.
Thank you PixelGeek.

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