Webflow Dashboard Down

In the design panel I’m receiving an alert saying that

And can´t access to my Dashboard beacuse i get this:

Please help!


I am experiencing the same problem.

Mine is down also. Come on, twice in two days.

Same again. …

Hi all - we’re aware of this problem and pushing a fix right now. Sorry for the interruption! Stay tuned for updates.

Me too!!! Stopped working about 10 min ago

Same here :frowning: … Looks like Webflow should start considering another hosting…

I’m sure hosting a service of this scale is quite a challenge…

Not fun to be in mid-design and see the red wifi icon though! :weary:

Hey everyone, the fix is currently going through - ETA is about 10 minutes.

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sheesh, thank you vlad

That’s one thing I love about Webflow… always on the ball when something does go down!

Keep it up guys! :thumbsup:

i can’t help but agree, they normally get shit done pretty quick when there is a problem.

Everything should be back up now - again, sorry for the interruption. Let us know if you encounter any further issues!

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